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This is my first blog, so I’m going to start by introducing myself, I’m a 23 year old engineer and I recently found out I was gluten intolerant which has caused me to gain lots of weight, I am currently on a journey to lose weight and improve my health and well being.


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Viva KoKo

Today I had the pleasure of trying some raw chocolate from Viva KoKo. Viva KoKo is a healthy chocolate box delivered on monthly basis, whether at work or home it fits through the letterbox, saving you the time and hassle of picking up your parcels from a sorting office. All of their chocolate is Dairy-free, Gluten-free and Refined Sugar-free making it a highly nutritional alternative to standard chocolate. In the subscription box you will receive 10 x 26g of dairy-free bars in three or four different flavours.


I received the following bars to try:

  • Lime and Pistachio
  • Peppermint and Cacao
  • Date and Brazil

On first seeing these flavours I was most excited to try the peppermint and cacao as I love mint chocolate. In the end I loved all of them, they are perfect for dark chocolate lovers as they all have a nice rich taste to them and contain a minimum of 70% cocoa solids, you really do get the flavours coming through. My favourite flavour so far is actually the date and brazil this was delicous had generous chunks of date and brazil and this really added to the flavour.

I would recommend all of these flavours and will be signing up to this subscription shortly, to find out more and to sign up please visit the link below:

Viva KoKo

This week I had the opportunity to try two varieties of crisps by Well & Truly, first of all I was very impressed with the presentation and including a hand written message was a great finishing touch.


Well & Truly currently produce two types of crisps they are:

  • Crunchy Cheese Sticks
  • Gluten Free Tortilla Chips

Both of these products are gluten free, contain no-GMO and no nasties of any kind.

They definitely fulfilled their claim of ‘Less is Moreish’ without compromising on flavour.

I loved both of these products they had a really great flavour and were perfect to accompany my movie night. I am totally obsessed with the cheese sticks and will be stocking up on these they come in a generous 100g bag which is perfect for sharing. These cheese sticks are also only 93 calories per serving so I no longer have to feel naughty for indulging on crisps.

If you want to purchase some for yourself or find out more please visit their website using the link below:

Well & Truly

Power Bites

This week I received an order from Power Bites they produce various different protein packed treats which are also gluten free, making them perfect for me on my fitness and weight loss journey. I received the following variety pack to try as well as some of their bestselling cacao and almond energy balls.

The variety pack contained the following cake bites:

  • Carrot Cake
  • Double Chocolate Cake
  • Berry Burst Cake


All of these cakes were delicious my favourite being the berry burst, however my favourite product so far from power bites was definitely their energy balls these were amazing really gave me that boost and kept me feeling fuller for longer.

The presentation and packaging of all of these products was outstanding and the nutritional information was very clear, I was very shocked at how low the calorie content was on these delectable treats with each bite coming in under 100 calories which is perfect for keeping that sweet tooth satisfied.

To try some for yourselves please visit their website using the link below:

Power Bites

Primal Joy

This morning as a little pick me up at work I tried the chocolate brownie bar by Primal Joy this is made from only the best wholefoods has a great texture and really satisfies those chocolate cravings.


To try this amazing brownie or other products from Primal Joy please follow the link below:

Primal Joy

Rhythm 108

This week I have been introduced to two products from this company and wow I can’t wait to try more of what they do.

The first product I tried was their chocolate hazelnut tea biscuits at only 122 calories a pack these are perfect to accompany any of your favourite hot beverage or to enjoy on the go. These biscuits are organic, gluten and dairy free and a great source of fibre. If your not a big chocolate fan they also do a lemon & ginger biscuit which I am yet to try.


For dessert tonight I tried one of their good-for-you dessert bars in the choco-walnut brownie flavour and only 166 calories, I heated this up in the microwave as per the recommendation on the back of the packet and it was delicious. These bars are also available in lemon cake, coconut macaroon, banana muffin and apple pie. All of these dessert bars are 1 of your 5 a day, gluten free and organic.


To try some of Rhythm 108’s delicious products please follow the link below:

Rhythm 108





This product is just like eating a chocolate brownie, it has the same gooey texture and is very chocolatey. I was very surprised that it was suitable for vegetarians and vegans as the chocolate flavour was very obvious which can be difficult to achieve without having milk in the content. Really enjoyed this product would have again, only comment on it is that it was very sticky and messy to eat.


To get some for yourself or to see what other products Designed2Eat offer visit their website via the link below:


Livia’s Kitchen

Today I also tried Livia’s kitchen raw millionaire bites, these are amazing and taste just like eating a piece of millionaire’s shortbread but made from all natural ingredients and no refined sugars. It is vegan friendly and gluten free, these bites are just the right size for a little treat without feeling like you have over indulged.


To get some for yourself or to see what other products Livia’s Kitchen offer visit their website via the link below:

Livia’s Kitchen

Prewett’s Health Foods

This morning I tried the Prewett’s organic chicory drink which is a coffee alternative that contains no caffeine. This product smells and tastes great and can be served to your liking with or without milk and sugar, I chose to drink it black to get the full flavour. I must say I prefer it to coffee as it is much smoother and it doesn’t leave a bitter after taste.


To get some for yourself or to see what other products Prewett’s offer visit their website via the link below:


Chewy Moon

Today Thomas and I have been testing the chewy moon children’s subscription box. This box is a great concept and contains five different snacks which are perfect for lunchboxes.


The box contains the following items:

  • Pop Out and Make Professor Wolfberg
  • Chewy Moon Adventures Comic
  • Chewy Moon Geology Fact Sheet
  • Nutrition Facts List
  • Crazy Crunch Smoothie Chips
  • Snacko Italiano Tuscany Cashews and Baked Cheese
  • Cherry Cola Raisins, Cherry and Cranberry
  • Happy BBQ Smokey Almonds and Coconut Chips
  • Freaky Fruits Sweeties

Thomas was very excited to open this box and was really entertained by all of the comical animals on the packets. He also enjoyed the fact sheet and said I never new that, so it was very informative. We then went on to try the following snacks:

Crazy Crunch Smoothie Chips

These snacks are lovely and crunchy and tastes just like a red berry smoothie.

Cherry Cola Raisins, Cherry and Cranberry

These were Thomas’s favourite snack in the box and he wished he had more really get the taste of cherry cola coming through.

Snacko Italiano Tuscany Cashews and Baked CheeseĀ 

These were my favourite in the box, loved the cheesy pieces the most.

Happy BBQ

These were delicious and had a great texture but seemed more salted then bbq.

Freaky Fruits

These are awesome for individuals with a sweet tooth just like me, reminded me of eating fruit laces.

Overall I really love this box its a cheap weekly subscription sent directly to your child with good quality tasty snacks.

Note: children may need assistance with opening packets as was a little difficult for Thomas to open (Age 10).

To get some for your child please visit their website via the link below:

Chewy Moon

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