Cereal Lovers Simply Fruit Granola

I’m a big breakfast lover and truly believe it is the most important meal of the day. Usually for me breakfast before work consists of the same old gluten free porridge. Not this week! Over the past few days I have been trying a different granola every morning all thanks to Cereal Lovers who sent me all of these amazing products to try.


I have really enjoyed all of these granola’s what this company has achieved is amazing, their products are suitable for lots of dietary requirements and are one of your 5 a day. Here are just some of the benefits of simply fruit granola:

  • Wheat Free
  • Low Fat
  • Suitable For Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Good For Diabetics
  • Great For The Heart
  • And Most Importantly NO ADDED SUGAR
  • Approx 120Cals per 30g serving

Normally you find store bought granola’s are also packed full of sugar and contains wheat. So lets get down to the bit your all wondering, how does this healthy great sounding granola taste so here goes, of course I have to start with my favourite first:


This flavour is awesome, the texture of the cereal is wonderful and you can see from the picture the generous pieces of apple it contains and you really get the apple taste through on this one:


This product is definitely going onto my future shopping list!


Now usually I’m not an orange fan but the flavour of this took me by surprise, again texture was amazing.

Blackcurrent and Apple

This one is an interesting combination but it really works, again large generous chunks of apple and contains whole currents.


Chocolate and Banana

This is a awesome for the chocolate lovers, tastes good but could do with more banana for my liking.

Thanks for reading and if you love the sound of these products you can find out more and purchase them from the following website:

Cereal Lovers


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