Chewy Moon

Today Thomas and I have been testing the chewy moon children’s subscription box. This box is a great concept and contains five different snacks which are perfect for lunchboxes.


The box contains the following items:

  • Pop Out and Make Professor Wolfberg
  • Chewy Moon Adventures Comic
  • Chewy Moon Geology Fact Sheet
  • Nutrition Facts List
  • Crazy Crunch Smoothie Chips
  • Snacko Italiano Tuscany Cashews and Baked Cheese
  • Cherry Cola Raisins, Cherry and Cranberry
  • Happy BBQ Smokey Almonds and Coconut Chips
  • Freaky Fruits Sweeties

Thomas was very excited to open this box and was really entertained by all of the comical animals on the packets. He also enjoyed the fact sheet and said I never new that, so it was very informative. We then went on to try the following snacks:

Crazy Crunch Smoothie Chips

These snacks are lovely and crunchy and tastes just like a red berry smoothie.

Cherry Cola Raisins, Cherry and Cranberry

These were Thomas’s favourite snack in the box and he wished he had more really get the taste of cherry cola coming through.

Snacko Italiano Tuscany Cashews and Baked CheeseĀ 

These were my favourite in the box, loved the cheesy pieces the most.

Happy BBQ

These were delicious and had a great texture but seemed more salted then bbq.

Freaky Fruits

These are awesome for individuals with a sweet tooth just like me, reminded me of eating fruit laces.

Overall I really love this box its a cheap weekly subscription sent directly to your child with good quality tasty snacks.

Note: children may need assistance with opening packets as was a little difficult for Thomas to open (Age 10).

To get some for your child please visit their website via the link below:

Chewy Moon


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